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Enjoy our signature Japanese dishes, including our famous Dashi-Shabu, exquisitely prepared Kyo-kaiseki, and sukiyaki made with one of the "three greats" of Japanese Wagyu beef.


All course meals (some exclusions apply) come with appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Enjoy beautiful and delicious cuisine prepared with traditional Kyoto techniques and main dishes featuring premium meat selections.

  • お料理写真
  • お料理写真


Shabu-shabu is a traditional Japanese dish where thin slices of pork and beef are swished around in a pot of boiling water and then dipped in a sauce and eaten. Kyoto Hyoto serves an original version of shabu-shabu, where the dish is eaten with our special dashi broth perfected by our expert chefs.

  • Dashi-Shabu course with premium pork starting at ¥2,700
  • Dashi-Shabu course with Ohmi beef starting at ¥4,500
  • Dashi-Shabu with both pork and beef starting at ¥4,500
  • お料理写真


Enjoy delicacies from the mountains and the seas in individual courses of Kyoto cuisine meticulously prepared with the finest ingredients.

  • Original kaiseki 5,000 yen
  • Kyo-kaiseki starting at ¥6,500
  • お料理写真

Japanese Wagyu beef steak and Kyo-kaiseki

Ohmi beef is one of the "three greats" of Japanese Wagyu beef. Hyoto offers beautifully marbled Ohmi beef for the ultimate meat experience. Together with a kaiseki meal, enjoy a steak of sweet, tender Ohmi beef skillfully prepared by our chefs with simple seasoning.

  • Steak kaiseki with Ohmi beef starting at ¥8,000
  • お料理写真


Thin slices of beef (or pork) are grilled and simmered together with vegetables and tofu in broth made from kombu seaweed and a sweet and spicy sauce with a soy sauce and sugar base. The ingredients are then dipped in beaten raw egg and eaten. The combination of the sweet and spicy sauce similar to teriyaki and the mild sweetness of the egg have made sukiyaki a popular Japanese dish.

  • Sukiyaki kaiseki with Ohmi beef starting at ¥5,500


A 2-hour, all-you-can-drink course is also available


From bento boxes to Dashi-Shabu and kaiseki courses, enjoy Hyoki's exceptional cuisine at reasonable prices.

  • お料理写真

Shokado Bento (2 types)

Enjoy colorful and delicious Kyoto cuisine artfully prepared
and boxed in our special Shokado Bento.

  • Shokado Bento: Tsumugi ¥2,000
  • Shokado Bento: Yuzen ¥3,000
  • お料理写真


Enjoy our famous Dashi-Shabu and shabu-shabu prepared with Ohmi beef, one of the "three greats" of Japanese Wagyu beef, at lunchtime prices.

  • Dashi-Shabu lunch starting at ¥2,300


We offer a wide selection of Japanese sake, shochu, wine, Japanese beer, and soft drinks.