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We are introducing questions frequently asked by customers and their answers.

  • Should I make a reservation?

    Without a reservation, you may have to wait for a table or wait longer for your food to be prepared, so we recommend making a reservation and deciding what to order in advance whenever possible. You can use the reservation form on this website to make reservations.

  • Do you have an English menu? Do staff speak English?

    Yes, we have an English menu. Staff can speak basic English, and we have translation devices available as well.

  • What do I do if I want to cancel a reservation?

    Cancellations on the day of a reservation are charged 100% of the cancellation fee (a reservation for a table only is ¥4,320 per person). To cancel a reservation, please use the email contact form on this website by 10 pm up to the day before your reservation (Japan Standard Time).

  • Can you accommodate food allergies and vegetarian diets?

    We can accommodate dietary requests made up to three days before the reservation. Please provide as much information as possible about foods that need to be avoided. You can use the email contact form on this website to contact us with dietary requests.

  • Are children allowed?

    We have many business clients on weekday evenings, and may not be able to accommodate children.